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Preparation for and response to the flood of 2008 in Cedar Falls, Iowa

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the preparation for, and responses to, the 2008 flood in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The analysis of this study was based on qualitative research methodology that includes interviews of key personnel (e.g., emergency planners) who were involved in emergency planning, decision making, response, and recovery efforts during and after the 2008 flood in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Cedar Falls had adequate emergency plans and took proper initiative in terms of warnings, evacuations, and rescue operations during this flood, introduced notification service for emergency severe weather or important community notices, and adopted effective recovery efforts (property buy out and a new floodplain regulation). After the flood, Cedar Falls adopted new 500–year floodplain regulations, thereby creating Iowa's first floodplain ordinance. Such floodplain ordinance could be a model for other cities in the USA.

Keywords: 2008 floods, emergency preparation, emergency response, emergency recovery, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA, United States, natural disasters, emergency management, flooding, emergency planning, decision making, warnings, evacuations, rescue operations, notification services, severe weather, community notices, property buyouts, floodplain regulations

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