Preparation of Large-Size Cohesive Specimens for Calibration Chamber Testing

This paper describes the design of an automated slurry consolidometer and calibration chamber system used to prepare largesize cohesive soil specimens for testing in-situ devices, model foundations, and ground anchors. A two-stage technique for the preparattion of homogeneous cohesive specimens subjected to a known stress history is described. Briefly summarized are the data acquisition/control system and the instrumentation details for monitoring the spatial pore pressure distributions in the specimen, the vertical and lateral stresses on the specimen, and specimen settlement during slurry consolidation and subsequent reconsolidation in the chamber. The specimens prepared were reproducible and of uniform quality as indicated by the settlement and pore pressure dissipation histories and by the water content results obtained from samples taken from chamber specimens. The homogeneity of the specimens is confirmed by the cone penetration test results.

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