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In today's global business environment, regulatory differences between countries can be a serious cause of extra work, delays and costs.

In recognition of this, the United Nations has put forward a model called the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) to help business cut through these problems. This revolutionary system will eventually become the standard for classification and hazard communication for: Workplace hazardous chemicals, Transportation of dangerous goods, Hazardous consumer products, and Pesticides.

Visit our website for a free copy of GHS Awareness for the United States and Canada.

The goal of implementing the GHS is to eliminate confusion between the sometimes conflicting and confusing hazard regulations that vary among different countries. Already, many countries have started to adopt the new standards, or are making preparations to do so. We've prepared a training course to give you a head start in applying the GHS standards to your workplace. Topics Include: Why is the Globally Harmonized System needed? How was it developed?, How product classification will change under the GHS, The GHS symbols—,a new way to warn of risks, Hazard labeling under the GHS—,a unified system at last, Replacing MSDSs with SDSs—,the new requirements for Safety Data Sheets, How are countries progressing towards the GHS?, and What do you, as a manager or regulatory worker need to do to get ready for the GHS?

Let ICC The Compliance Center help you prepare for this worldwide transformation with our many products and services already geared towards the GHS system. We're prepared to show you how the GHS will simplify your job and give you practical training in how to prepare shipments for transportation, the new standards for hazard communications, labeling, and more.

The GHS course will be available in Mississauga, ON on April 20, and in Niagara Falls, NY on June 8. Receive a copy of our GHS Awareness For Canada and United States booklet when you attend the course. Lunch will be provided for you. While you enjoy lunch, there will be a short presentation on how we can prepare your SDSs and update your labels according to the GHS standards.

ICC The Compliance Center is dedicated to providing you with professional training. Call to schedule with our training coordinators today!

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