Preserving Fresh Water Resources with Invisible Structures


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Invisible Structures, Inc. has been preserving fresh water resources since 1982, with innovative products such as:

  • Grasspave2 - reinforced grass porous pavement surfaces and allow rainfall to enter soils quickly and cleaner than possible with hard surface pavements. This product allows historical water tables to be maintained in volume and quality, while reducing flood (and erosion) potential within watersheds. Other community benefits include cooling, reduced noise and reduced airborne dust.
  • Gravelpave2 - reinforced and stabilized gravel pavement surfaces, which are also porous, yet allow higher traffic volumes on a daily basis than capable by grass. This product is filled with small stone, and can be used with and without various binders to satisfy specific application criteria. Both of these pavements provide much lower life cycle costs than asphalt paving.


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