President of Termite Detection Systems in Oak Island, N.C.,

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Courtesy of Termite Detection Systems Inc.

Bill Moyer, President of Termite Detection Systems in Oak Island, N.C., points out that Tucker’s research confirms the feedback he has received from the field from firms large and small across the country. For example, Springer Pest Solution’s corporate entomologist and technical director, Dr. Stuart Mitchell, claims 100 percent accuracy with the system in Springer’s Iowa and Florida offices. “We brought it in and tested it in areas where we knew there was a presence of termites. It confirmed presence for us every time with both Subteraneans and Formosans,” Mitchell told Pest Control. “It’s been exceptionally accurate for us.” Moyer invented the system four years ago for his company, Structural Damage Specialists, which subcontracts repairs on termite damage for pest management firms in the Carolinas. 'We use the TDS to determine infestation locations before we go tearing out the walls', he explained. 'By using the Termite Detector probe through sheet rock, we can locate the bulk of the infestation simply by the larger concentration of CO2.' As part of the USDA program Operation Full Stop, New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board tested the TDS last January in its efforts to detect, monitor and treat its extensive Formosan termite problems.

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