Pressure Cleaner Systems for Cleaning Machinery

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Machinery, agricultural and trade tools, and other equipment should be cleaned with pressure washing equipment for best results. Pressure washing equipment offer advantages that no other cleaning technique does. These machines are easy to use and are cost effective. Most importantly, pressure washing equipment are quick and effective, removing dirt, heavy layers of grease, and other dirt buildup from machinery quickly and easily.

Another reason for using pressure washing equipment is their safety. Pressure washing equipment, with their high pressure levels, adjustable temperatures, and a range of convenient features, are an ideal tool for cleaning all types of machinery, from car engines to factory fittings.

Other advantage of these power wash systems is that they can remove the hardest of grease and dirt buildups.

While buying a power wash machine, think of the features that you require.

Power Method
Electric pressure washers are usually preferred for cleaning indoor areas, as these machines generate no noise or fumes. In the absence of electricity, or in outdoor areas, you can use gas pressure washers. Modern gas pressure washers produce less noise. They can be used for cleaning indoor equipment, provided there is a long hose.

Electric pressure washers and non-electric power cleaner systems offer high temperatures and elevated pressure levels.

Pressure and Temperature
It may seem that the best pressure cleaning systems for cleaning machinery is the one with the highest temperature and pressure levels. However, there are other factors that should be considered when deciding on the best pressure washer. Temperatures for these machines vary from 250 degrees to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. For many applications, contractors use cold water.

The pressure levels depend on the type of surface you are cleaning. Delicate machinery cannot withstand high pressure levels, whereas, other types of equipment, such as farm tools and tractors can use higher pressure levels. Commercial high pressure washers may have pressure levels as high as 3000 psi.

Stationary versus Mobile
If you plan to move from one location to another, cleaning different types of equipment, then a mobile pressure wash system is the best choice. Mobile power cleaning machines can be wheeled around or can be mounted on trailers for long distance transportation.

Stationary power wash systems are ideal for multiple washing applications within a limited area. These machines are not meant to be moved around and may offer other features, such as a two-gun operation.

Customizable Hose
The right hose length is crucial. Customizable hoses allow the operator to adjust hose length according to the size of the area. The basic hose length for commercial high pressure washers is around 25 feet. You can add to this length, to create longer hoses.

Corrosion Resistance
Stainless steel housing makes these machines corrosion and chip resistant. Similarly, a stainless steel heating device has many advantages over aluminum heating devices. Stainless steel parts are less prone to rust and are able to tolerate high levels of heat and pressure.

Choose the power wash machine after taking into consideration all these points. The best pressure washer for your business is the one that closely matches your requirements.


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