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Pressure distribution phenomena over a wedge and sphere surface in uniform flow

In this paper, experimentally the pressure distribution over wedge and sphere surface in uniform flow has been investigated. Fluid flow over a smooth wedge surface was investigated experimentally to determine the pressure distribution at different values of Reynolds numbers and wedge angles as well as pressure distributions around the sphere of different size are reported for different Reynolds numbers. The variation of static pressures is larger near the wedge vertex and gradually decreases along the length of the wedge surface. At the forward stagnation point the pressure distribution depends on the size of spheres. Separation of flow takes place at an angle of 78° from forward stagnation point for all sizes of spheres. At the rear stagnation point of the sphere the pressure distribution predicts negative pressures. Experimental results provide useful information of interest to potential industrial application. It helps in determining the shape of various wedge and sphere surfaces used in industries for cooling or heating of different wedge surfaces. In the present experiment, it has been found that the pressure near vertex lower as the included angle of the wedge decreases and at lower values of Reynolds number.

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