Pressure Washing


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

The facility had installed a biological treatment unit for treating the water from their pressure washing their milk trucks and maintenance operations. The system required a lot of maintenance, power costs for the aeration, produced poor water quality, and always smelled.

Integrated Engineers was contacted to solve the problem using the Floccin products and a 300-gallon batch treatment unit. The Floccin J proved to make great finished water quality with a simplified treatment program. The process now is to fill the reaction tank with wastewater, turn the mixer on and pour in about 1 pound of Floccin J. Allow mixing for 5 minutes, turn the mixer Off, and dewater through the paper covered dewatering table. The treated water gets filtered through the paper and drains into the finished water tank for reuse in the facilities large pressure washer.

They installed the system themselves in a few days. The facility Maintenance Manager had this to say, “the old system never made clean water and always smelled, this system makes crystal clear water and is so simple to use. I am happy that I made a sound investment with Integrated Engineers.”

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