Pretreatment system a success for meat processor


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

Recovery & removal rates doubled with the AIRE-O2 MICROFLOAT®


This Midwest USA red meat processor faced rapidly rising surcharges from the municipal wastewater treatment plant that received the processor’s wastewater. City authorities encouraged the processor to help fund an expansion of the treatment plant’s capacity, an option the processor wanted to avoid. A successful pretreatment system would greatly reduce the loading and biological oxygen demand (BOD) requirements of the city’s secondary treatment facilities.


The meat processor decided to try the AIRE-O2 MICROFLOAT® dispersed air flotation for additional pretreatment. Two 7.5 hp (5.5 kW) MICROFLOAT units were installed in existing tankage. The plant had been recovering 1300 GPD (4920.5 liters) of TSS (total suspended solids), oil and grease floatables. After the units were installed, recovery and removal rates doubled. Floatable recovery now reaches 2700 GPD (10219.5 liters) and removal rates exceeds 90 percent.


Aeration Industries offers a rental program for its AIRE-O2 MICROFLOAT® units. Extremely impressed with the dispersed air flotation unit’s performance, the meat processor purchased the two units originally leased and ordered a third one. An added benefit of this system is that it can be added to existing tankage or be installed as a complete system. It’s small footprint made it easy to accommodate, space-wise, the meat processor’s facility. Best of all, gone were the surcharges assessed by the city. Instead, the AIRE-O2 MICROFLOAT® System added recovery, product, and profits!

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