Prevent Fish Kill in the Spring


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Pond Deicing Can Help Prevent Fish Kill

Keeping the pond open will help keep oxygen in the water, attract water fowl and help prevent fish kills in the spring.

The most common cause of fish kills is suffocation due to lack of dissolved oxygen. Most dissolved oxygen is produced by algae and aquatic plants through photosynthesis. A lesser but also important source of oxygen in water is diffusion from the atmosphere, which is enhanced by wind-induced surface water turbulence. (Sallenave

During the night, oxygen is consumed for respiration by plants and animals, and by bacteria during decomposition of organic material. When more oxygen is consumed than is produced, oxygen levels can be depleted, which can lead to fish kills.(Sallenave

Subsurface Aeration

Preventing oxygen depletion is difficult, but proper pond management and construction can help prevent fish kills. Installing an aeration system to circulate and aerate oxygen-deficient water is recommended. Several types of aerators are available, including fountains and pump-operated bubblers or diffusers that sit on the bottom of ponds. (Sallenave

lake aeration technology

Keeton Industries has a subsurface aeration diffuser that can move 1000-2500 gallons of water per minuted, depending on the depth of the lake. The diffuser creates a laminar that draws oxygen depleted water from the bottom, oxygenates it and transports it to the surface. This action mixes stratified water while increasing dissolved oxygen levels and protecting fish, aquatic organisms and beneficial microbes from suffocation.

Beneficial Microbes

Fishery Prime is a special blend of Probiotic microbes for the improvement of recreational fisheries. It is the first ever Probiotic for lake management. Fishery Prime improves fish health and survival, enhances growth rates and immunity, and reduces fish stress. Fishery Prime’s patented formula promotes conditions beneficial for game fish and other quatic organisms and encourages a sustainable and healthy fishery.

  • Enhances Fish Growth
  • Improves Fish Health & Survival
  • Reduces Fish Stress
  • Patented Probiotic Formula
  • Easy Application
  • Made in the USA


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