Preventing rain water flooding case study


Courtesy of Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. (SolidAT)

SmartScan 50 helps preventing rain water flooding by providing an efficient level measurement solution in a pop. 1M city.

The municipality has been struggling for years with heavy flooding of rain water during winter time that damaged large parts of the city and caused distress to its residents. As a result, a long drainage pipe was laid between the city's shore and the flooded parts. This huge pipe is about 3 meters high and extends to a distance of a few kilometers under the city's ground.

The problems

The municipality's engineers sought a solution to measure the level of the rain water that is gathered in a drainage pool located near the drainage pipe. The water level monitoring is essential to gather the data needed to prevent floods.
One of the solutions that were assessed was based on ultrasonic technology. There are several problems that may be encountered when using an ultrasonic level measurement gauge.

The drainage pool is deep and includes a ladder and a refuse cage. These obstacles may cause acoustic interferences and distraction to the ultrasonic wave.

In addition, during winter time the water stream is very strong and may cause the water surface to be wavy and unsteady. This unsteadiness may also cause interferences to the measurement results.

The solution

The municipality voted for one SmartScan 50 unit to measure the water level in the drainage pool. The electronics was installed in the control cabinet which is located above ground while the sensor was positioned approximately 4 meters (13 ft) above the drainage pool which is located underground, distant from the control cabinet. The SmartScan special software algorithm had no difficulties overcoming the acoustic interferences in the pool and to provide precise measurement results constantly. These measurement results are displayed both locally on the SmartScan and remotely in the municipality's control room.


The SmartScan 50 installed by the municipality enables the municipality to obtain constant measurement results of the rain water gathered in the drainage pool. When the water reaches high level, several pumps are immediately activated thereby preventing a possibility of flood.

SmartScan 50 is a two part ultrasonic level measurement gauge for ranges of up to 12m (39ft). Moreover, SmartScan is equipped with five independent SPDT relays for alarm control and setup.

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