Case study - Preventing scaling saves expensive pigging operations and production shut downs


Courtesy of Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

UK Based Fluid Dynamics has won a contract to supply its non chemical environment friendly hard water scale prevention products to prevent scaling in an effluent stream.

The problem:  backwash from iron filters, softeners and RO units combined to block drain lines and cause pumps to seize at a major UK government establishment in Oxfordshire England.  The only way to clear these drains was to stop all production and pig the lines – it was impossible to use chemical cleaners due to the fact these backwashes discharged into a small river

The solution: in 2008 Fluid Dynamics supplied its Colloid-A-Tron and Magstream technologies  to the Company .. installing these units on the discharge size of the equipment has virtually eliminated scaling ..

Reorder:  New plant being installed with the facility will now be installed with Fluid Dynamics scale preventers fitted to their discharge lines.

Fluid Dynamics Scale preventers:  since 1973 Fluid Dynamics has been providing  non-chemical solutions to the problems of scaling .. caused by hard water and other chemicals. Utilising a combination of magnetic fields and catalytic metals  Fluid Dynamics products are simply plumbed into pipelines.. they require no electricity or chemicals and have no moving parts..  Scale forming salts are neutralised and pass harmlessly down pipelines rather than sticking to the surfaces of heat exchangers , cooling towers and pipe lines.  The company also make a range of products for residential and commercial use.

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