Preview: 2015 Safety in Action Guide - 8 Issues Shaping Safety Now


Safety leaders have a lot to be proud of in today's workplace.

Across industry, organizations are enjoying record low injury rates. Safety now has a place on the organizational agenda and there is greater safety literacy across more employees in more places than ever before. The journey that safety has been on the past 30-plus years has helped unpack the idea that injuries are not inevitable and taught us to embed performance discipline into our organizations.

So what's next? As we go into 2015 and beyond, safety leaders face a different landscape than they did even five years ago. Organizations are contending with an unprecedented level of change. Increasingly globalized workforces and supply chains, growing competition for natural resources, heightened public concern over social and environmental impacts, rapidly changing technology, and increasing government and regulatory intervention all put new pressure on organizations—and the leaders and teams who run them.

Enter the 2015 Safety in Action guide.

We've identified eight issues based on our experience in the field and selected them for their potential to affect the future of safety practice and performance. They are distinct yet interconnected. And the solutions to address them will require the insight of many voices.

The issues include:

  • Serious injuries and fatalities
  • Process safety
  • Exposure recognition
  • Data technology
  • Safety talent
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Safety strategy
  • Behavior-based safety

While not every issue may be equally pressing on your organization right now, each represents a challenge to underlying ideas about what safety is and could be. Each issue demands a response from safety leaders as they take their organization into the future.

We've made this guide practical for and applicable to safety leaders, posing the issues as questions to serve as a starting point for reflection and discussion. We encourage you to ask these questions not just within your own teams, but also across departmental, organizational, and industry boundaries. Only by sharing our questions, insight, and experience—and taking action on them—will we be able to create a future with fewer injuries and a strengthened alignment between the wellbeing of our employees, customers, and communities, and the work that we do.

Download the 2015 Safety in Action Guide and take action today.

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