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Primary School in Essex gets a rainwater harvesting system


Courtesy of Aquaco Water Recycling Limited

Rainwater Harvesting System for primary school

The Westborough Primary School, near Southend-on-Sea, has ordered a complete rainwater harvesting system from market leader Aquaco.

The system comprises of a 10,000 litre single piece underground rainwater collection tank and the Aquaco inline wire mesh leaf filter.

A dual submersible pump set provides 100% standby capability.

The system also incorporates a 50 litre vertical membrane expansion tank, filter housing and a UV disinfection unit.

In the event of low rainfall, a mains water top-up system feeds the underground tank via a tundish which gives the necessary type AA air gap required by water regulations. The mains water top-up ensures the system will stay operational during times of drought.

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