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Why probes are used for?

A probe is an instrument that is  used to connect electronic test equipment to the device under test. There are different types of probes that range from being very simple and affordable to being complex, sophisticated, expensive and fragile instruments.

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Some of the different types of  probes used for electronic components are:

  • Voltage Probes- Voltage Probes are used to  measure voltages that an electronic device has. The probes will not disrupt the  voltage on the electronic devices. The two types of voltage probes are passive  and active probes.


  • Oscilloscope Probes- Oscilloscope probes measure  the highest measurement accuracy. Oscilloscope probes are used for superior  signal access and measurement accuracy.


  • Passive Probes- Passive Probes are the most  rugged and economical of probes. They do not need to be powered because there  are no active components such as transistors or amplifiers.


  • Lo Z Probes- Lo Z probes are used in  low-impedance, very-high-frequency circuits.


  • Active Scope Probes- Active Scope probes contain  small active amplifiers that are built into the probe. Having the amplifiers is  how they differ from passive probes. Active probes are used on high-impedance  circuits. For the most part, they are more expensive than passive probes, they  require more power, and are dynamic in range.


  • Differential Probes- Differential Probes are  used for acquiring differential signals to maximize the common-mode rejection  ratio.

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