Problem-free pumping of crystal mush with Allweiler progressing cavity pumps


Courtesy of ALLWEILER GmbH

The Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG (CFB) (Chemical Factory Budenheim) produces precursors and ingredients for a wide range of a variety of final products. It ranges from baking powder to flame retardants. Phosphates form the basis and the factory is specialized in special products in the area of phosphate chemistry. CFB has developed its own solutions and processes in order to crystallize various phosphates and to dry it afterwards.

In this process the pumps play a central role in pumping the crystal mush from the preparation tanks into the rotary pipe, and with that, for further processing. In Budenheim the physical and chemical characteristics of the various liquids pose specific demands to the pumps. The crystal mush is highly abrasive, very viscous and in part very hot. Wolfgang Müller, Maintenance Manger at CFB: “We have liquids that have to be pumped at 100 ºC.” The density lies between 1.3 to 1.8 and the solids proportion of the crystal mush is considerable. Moreover, to pump these volumes to the required level of precision via filters and through nozzles, a constant high discharge pressure is necessary. FC (frequency converter) controls make exact dosing possible.

Strict hygienic requirements are called for if food or basic food substances for baking powder, such as in Budenheim, have to be conveyed. The respective liquid also requires special pump technology. Abrasive or paste-like liquids such as the ones at CFB place severe strain on the pumps. The choice of materials therefore largely determines how economical a pump functions. This not only applies to the cost of parts subject to wear. The expenses caused by frequent production interruptions due to regular pump maintenance are a major cost factor.

In the food and beverages industry progressing cavity pumps from Allweiler AG have for decades been part of the standard production equipment. With stators and seals, CIP und SIP equipment (Cleaning in Place, Steaming in Place) and stainless steel casings and rotors from materials suitable for food, these pumps are well-suited for many applications. Moreover, it is important for the user of the plants that cleaning during operation in progress is possible. This saves time and facilitates cleaning at short intervals, because the plant does not have to be emptied and the pumps need not be dismantled. The pumps must after all cater for the specific characteristics of the liquid. Good examples are viscous syrups, honey and marmalade, foaming liquids and liquids with delicate solids, such as fruit yoghurt.

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