Procedure for installation of an inquest nitrate-nitrogen screen on the RPA-I


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This Technical Bulletin is a guide to the manual installation of the InQuest Nitrate
Screen on the RPA-I using the keypad such that units are automatically reported as
parts per million ofn itrate-nitrogen. Please refer to the RPA-I Manual for a detailed

1. Turn on the RPA-I.
2. Press the [OPTION] key on the top right side of the keypad.
3. Scroll through the menu by pressing either the [YES] or [NO] keys. Press the [ENTER] key when 'Enter/Edit Protocol' appears.
4. Scroll through the menu using the [YES] or [NO] keys until 'UNUSED [# Avail.]' appears. The '# Avail' indicates hwo many more protocols the cartridge will accept. Press the [ENTER] key (if 'NO' appears, a protocol must be deleted before a new one can be entered).
5. Protocol Nam: Enter the name of the new protocol N'ITNGN' by scrolling with either the [YES] or [NO] keys until letter 'N' appears. Press the [ENTER] key. Scrtol l 'I', press [ENTER]. Scroll to 'T', press [ENTER]. Continue inputting letters until 'NITNGN' is entered. Errors can be corrected by pressing the [BACKSPACE] key.
6. Data Reduct.: Select by scrolling toL in. Regression and press [ENTER].
7. Xform Option: Select Linear/Linear and press [ENTER].
8. # of Calibrator: Enter 2 and press [ENTER].
9. Cal. Replicates: Enter 1 and press [ENTER].
10. Cal. #1 Conc: Enter 0.00 and press [ENTER].
11. Cal. #2 Conc: Enter 2.3 and press [ENTER].
12. Correlation Flag: Enter 1.000 and press [ENTER].
13. Unit: Enter as in step 5 'PPM' and press [ENTER] after each letter. Press [ENTER] a second time after the 'M' to continue.
14. Normal Range Hi: Enter 5.75 and press [ENTER].
15. Normal Range Low: Enter 0.06 and press [ENTER].
16. # of Rgt Blanks: Enter 0 and press [ENTER].
17. Wavelength: Enter 550 and press [ENTER].
18. Read Mode: Scroll to Absorbance and press [ENTER].
19. Rep. %CV Flag: Enter 10 and press [ENTER].
20. List Protocol?: Press the YES key. Check the data entered with the information

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