Procedure for methomyl rapid assay installation on the RPA-I


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The RPA-I system can be run from a 12-volt car battery when an appropriate power inverter is used. This technical
bulletin describes connection of the RPA-I and a vortex mixer to an SDI approved power inverter.

Parts Needed: RPA-I Photometer (SDI P/N A00003), Power Inverter (SDI P/N A00193), Vortex Mixer (SDI P/N A00014) Extension Power Cord (SDI P/N A00194)

Step 1: Plug the power inverter into your vehicle’s cigarette-lighter socket.
Step 2: Plug the extension power cable into the AC socket on the power inverter.
Step 3: Plug both the RPA-I power transformer and vortex mixer power plug into the extension power cord.
Step 4: Set the switch on the power inverter to the ON position. When the power inverter is on, the power indicator light will be lit.
Step 5: Turn on the RPA-I and vortex mixer (set the vortex mixer for “touch“ operation).

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