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Process cooling in Singapore case study


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Chemical free Scale and Legionella prevention by Fluid Dynamics

The client, Sunstream International is a company specialising in plastics sheet extrusion. Sunstream were installing a new extrusion line in their existing factory. The line has two chillers and a 50RT cooling tower positioned on the roof space.

Space was at a premium and also previous experience had taught them that using Chemical dosing to control scale and biological growth was not efficient or always practical. Therefore they were looking for a new modern solution.

Two products where recommended, Colloid-A-Tron to prevent scale and BioKleen to prevent Legionella and Algae growth in the Cooling Tower.

Colloid-A-Tron is the world leading catalytic anti-scale product from Fluid Dynamics. It offers a complete solution to scale, consumes no power, uses no chemicals and is maintenance free. Unlike Chemical dosing Colloid-A-Tron is kind to the environment resulting in no pollution, and of course being maintenance free, does not require on-going spend on chemicals and maintenance staff.

BioKleen offers a chemical free method of preventing legionella colonisation of your cooling tower and also preventing Algae from clogging the cooling system. BioKleen uses the power of Silver and copper Ions to make the water inhospitable to microbe growth whilst leaving it harmless to humans. BioKleen again requires no chemical dosing, it will not cause corrosion and has been well proven over many years.

The Implementation
Three Colloid-A-Trons (CATs) were fitted to the cooling system to protect both the cooling tower circuit and chiller water. A single Biokleen was fitted to the Cooling tower circulatory pump-see diagram below:

The CAT and BioKleen devices were easily installed by Sunstream' s contractor and fitted easily to the cooling system pipework using quick fit couplings.

The system was switched on and started working immediately to protect Sunstream' s capital investment.

Sunstream have already started saving on:

  • No chemical dossing equipment
  • No routine maintenance
  • No corrosion or ineffective chemical use
  • No space and health and safety concerns with storing / dossing chemicals
  • No pollution in discharge water
  • Reduced water consumption

All of this is provided in a green, environmentally friendly package.

Other common applications:
Colloid-A-Tron and BioKleen can be installed in any location where scale or biological contamination is a problem. The units fit into existing pipework before the equipment or system to be protected as shown in the drawings below. There are many other applications not shown here which we will be more than happy to specify, just contact us to find out more.


  • Totally chemical free - no pollution and no contamination of cooling or discharge water
  • Maintenance free, no shutdowns required
  • No salt, taste, smell or coloration - ideal for potable, heating and cooling water
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Easy to install without affecting existing system
  • Does not affect flow rates or minimal energy consumption
  • Understood and scientifically accepted principles of operation Multiple installations globally with MNCs and world renowned science and technology companies
  • 38 year provenance

Colloid-A-Tron can work individually or combined with BioKleen provides the ultimate and complete system solution. BioKleen uses Silver ionization to prevent biological contamination in potable, hot and cooling water systems.

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