Process vent treatment at major Gulf coast chemical plant - Case Study


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Project highlights and product features

  • Compact, self-contained unit for process vent application treating influent of 30,000 ppm at 2SCFH
  • Media capacity is renewable in place using steam, regenerating to a process receiver for product recovery
  • Addresses new regulatory requirement for emission control on continuous process vents that previously vented to scrubbers or the atmosphere
  • Overcomes concerns with GAC, including O&M cost, compliance, process disruption, legacy/liability and sustainability
  • Installed as standalone treatment, incorporated into current plant and manufacturing process
  • Dual beds provide redundant capacity
  • Weekly regeneration to fully restore capacity allows product recovery to reduce plant emissions
  • Continuous operation accommodates processing requirements
  • Media capacity is renewable in place by regeneration
  • Regeneration options allow product recovery, energy generation, or both, supporting sustainability programs
  • Predictable, repeatable performance can be leveraged to streamline compliance management programs and reduce compliance effort over time
  • Low capital cost and very low operating cost provide rapid investment return and reduced compliance cost

System exceeds 99.9% removal efficiency requirements

Process vent treatment at major Gulf coast chemical plant
ECT provided a fixed bed vapor treatment system to address a high concentration, low flow continuous emission associated with TCE production. The system is designed for continuous service, treating process vents with high concentration influent conditions, to meet and exceed 99.9% removal efficiency requirements. This equipment uses a polymeric media that selectively removes organics, has high loading capacity and improved economics of operating compliance.

All ECT Treatment Systems feature modular design, small footprint, and are lightweight for easy installation and access.

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