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Produced water filtration optimization case study


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Pentair Porous Media has worked with a major global oil & gas producer to optimize the performance of the filtration and separation at their United States mid-continent operations located in the Wind River Basin of Central Wyoming. Their operations cover more than 42,500 net acres in Wyoming. Net gas production averages greater than 100 MMSCFD from multiple formations ranging in depth from 5,000 feet to more than 25,000 feet. The gas production wells are scattered across a large area in the Wyoming highlands. The area is a remote, high plains desert experiencing temperatures up to 100 F (38 C) in the summer and as low as -30 F (-34 C) in the winter months. The produced gas is gathered from multiple wells and treated locally at a 300 MM scfd gas processing facility. The gas plant and general topography of the production site are illustrated in
Figure 1.

Pentair Porous Media optimized the produced water filtration across the entire production site (~ 25,000 bbl/day produced water) to reduce filter change out frequency from up to twice a day to approximately once per month during normal operations, reducing direct filtration costs by 63%, resulting in savings of $88,320 per year. The optimization reduced operator hours dedicated to filter maintenance by 95%, saving an additional $179,520 per year in direct labor, allowing those assets to be redeployed more productively at the production site. Additionally, the solid filter waste generated was reduced by 93% eliminating over 80 cubic yards (61 m3) of waste and $4,800 in solid waste disposal costs. Total realized savings amounted to $272,604.

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