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Courtesy of Greenstone+

Zenith Provecta commissioned Greenstone to develop a market leading car leasing carbon footprinting product that could be integrated into their main business.

Greenstone provided:

  1. Market analysis of the fleet industry ‘green’ offerings.
  2. Stakeholder engagement - conducted workshops with stakeholders to flesh out the framework provided by Greenstone to deliver a product that was best practice and deliver a depth to withstand new product entrants.
  3. Product development – together developed a three tier product that would provide client carbon footprint as standard, additional strategy and analysis at the intermediate level and finally full carbon strategy with complex scenario planning delivered in partnership with Greenstone at the third tier.
  4. Greenstone Acco2unt™ software implementation – Software to provide a ‘back-office’ solution to easily manage their client carbon footprints, benchmark against industry standards and provide strategic carbon fleet analysis for clients while continuing focus on their core offering.  The software reduces additional days of work for Zenith Provecta staff to a matter of minutes in a ‘click button’ action.
  5. Offset - provides carbon offsetting at the corporate or driver level and is managed through the Greenstone Acco2unt™ software by allocating against actual emissions, providing a carbon balance.

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