Product comparisons grasspave2 and gravelpave2 vs geoweb


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Presto Products manufactures “Geoblock” and “Geoweb” and have continuously tried to overturn projects specified with our Grasspave2 product since they became licensed to sell a geocell product developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers several years ago. Presto has done this because both of their “Geoblock” grass reinforcement paving products are more expensive than ours, and their Geoweb product is a less expensive product to manufacture and sell.

We feel it is very important to be aware of design, performance, maintenance, and safety characteristics that distinguish our Grasspave2 from “Geoweb”, and other similar web confinement products (generically known as geocells) when they are proposed for use in porous pavement applications. When discussing porous pavements we are really addressing the wearing course (surface) only, as all pavements require a suitable base course.

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