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Product Spotlight – The ExtractPack Vertical Baler


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The Perfect Solution for An Industry Niche

Bottling facilities, retail centers, and distributors all face the challenge of what to do with out-of-date product.  This becomes particularly difficult when that product is in liquid form and the containers are made of plastic or metal.  The conventional method of manually draining liquid from bottles or cans is very time consuming and a waste of valuable employee FTE’s.  On top of that, sorting, storing, and baling the plastic and aluminum containers adds another step to the process.

Harmony Enterprises saw the need for a liquid extraction and baling machine in this industry.  The BCB2003 has revolutionary features that makes it the first of its kind to combine baling and draining both aluminum and plastic containers in one step!  The ExtractPack performs over 7x faster than draining your containers manually, and over 10x faster when you factor in the baling process.

Customer Success Stories

The ExtractPack Baler has been successfully deployed in many bottling plants, redemption centers, dairies, supermarkets, retail chains, restaurants, scrap metal yards, and breweries.  Surly Brewery Co. in Minneapolis, MN, has utilized the benefits of this beverage extraction baler for several years.

“While we try to minimize waste at every step of the brewing and packaging process, we do end up with some recycling needs,” said Will Crosby, packaging manager, Surly Brewing Co. “The baler allows us to crush cans into these small aluminum bricks that we’re able to send out for recycling directly from our warehouse. It saves us transportation costs, it’s incredibly useful, and it’s had a positive impact across the board in recycling our waste product.”

This highly successful company has experienced first-hand the value and efficiency that Harmony’s ExtractPack can provide.  What was once considered a pain point for many in this industry, is now a profit producer!

How does the ExtractPack work?

Full bottles or cans are inserted through the loading door. Once the inner chamber is full, an operator simply pushes  the start button on the platen to begin the perforation, deliquification, and baling process.  The containers are punctured by Harmony’s Shark’s Teeth system to ensure proper bailing and liquid removal.

Liquid control is managed by built-in splash guards that help reduce the mess caused by the total destruction of nearly 2,000 full plastic bottles or 4,000 aluminum cans. A large 51-gallon reservoir, located below the machine, collects the liquid that is expelled from the baler and funnels it to the drain of your choosing.  The optional sump pump can be used to force it into a collection container.  A TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor allows you to hose the entire machine down.  ExtractPack comes standard with state-of-the-art magnetically coded safety switches. They guarantee complete closure of all doors during the compaction cycle.

Once the cans or bottles are perforated, compacted, and the beverage is drained, a consistent 24″ x 16″ x 24″ bale of resalable aluminum or plastic is created.  Baling wire is inserted through the back of the machine, tied, and the bale is automatically ejected onto a palette.

The entire inner chamber, reservoir pan, loading, and rear doors of the ExtractPack are made of high quality stainless steel that will not rust or corrode over time.

If you would like to learn more about the BCB2003 ExtractPack Vertical Baler, or Harmony’s other beverage extraction machines, please visit us at www.harmony1.com, or Contact Us today!

Product Spotlight – The ExtractPack Vertical Baler

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