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Production of lacquers and paints

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During the production of lacquers and paints you can use an intensive dispersion of solid phase and contemporaneous activation of particles.

The time of dispersing of the ferrate pigments in the Intensifier of Technological Processes is 15-60 seconds. During this time the ferrate pigments disperse to the size of 20 micron. At the ball mill the same process goes on for couple hours.

We were testing the Intensifier ABC at the production of the water-based paints which contain chalk, talc, titanium dioxide, ultramarine. The paint of good quality can be obtained for 1-2 minutes of treatment in the vortex layer.

A main peculiarity of the Intensifier of Technological Processes in comparison with other equipments:

  • sharp intensification of physical and chemical processes;
  •  conditioning of final products;
  •  reduction of consumption of raw materials and augmentation of product yield;
  • reduction of energy consumption;
  • reduction of the working area;
  • possibility of an automation of technological processes.


This list is still incomplete. The possibilities of ABC are unlimited and unplumbed.


Devices are reliable, can be placed in the working areas without any foundations. In fact, parallel connection or series connection of Intensifiers ABC can provide any productivity of operation line.

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