Professional Papermaking: New published article about Kurita Europe


Courtesy of Kurita

'Professional Papermaking” published a title story about Kurita, including interviews with Thomas Wilhelm (Business Manager Paper Solutions) and Toshinori Maema (Sales Director Europe for Paper Solutions). “Professional Papermaking” is an international magazine with 2 issues per year. Readership is the pulp & paper industry.

A new name, but by no means a newcomer

When taking over the aluminum, paper chemicals and water treatment businesses (APW) from BK Giulini GmbH in 2015, Kurita Water Industries (KWI) was able to significantly strengthen its market position in Europe. Well-known for its many years of expertise in the field of functional paper additives and biocidal treatment, the company's present portfolio will be extended by new, innovative products and service concepts. Thomas Wilhelm, Business Manager Paper Solutions, and Toshinori Maema, Sales Director Europe for Paper Solutions, explain the strategic alignment of the company and the specific product offerings for the paper industry.

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