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Professional services risk modeling tool case study


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Professional Services Risk Modeling Tool (2 of 2)

Result: A user-friendly data collection software tool was delivered to the client along with a manual for running and modifying the tool. This tool led the client's agent through a series of data acquisition steps with visual cues, error checking and the ability to add notes and new elements. The tool effectively makes in-depth expert knowledge instantaneously available to all members of the team. In addition to standardizing the data collection so that all key elements are acquired, the tool dramatically reduces the time required to produce an assessment. Training was also provided on how to use the tool, and understand the results. Client personnel are actively using the system in the field. Vose Consulting developed an application that exported the collected data to a spreadsheet model that allowed a very rapid risk analysis model to be developed around the collected data.

Types of organizations that can use the same expertise

  • Large technology organizations doing pre-sales consulting for potential customers:
    • Large scale printing
    • IT systems
    • ERP implementation
  • Cost-benefit analysis where either the cost or the benefit are uncertain.


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