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Profile of the Adopters for the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) Programmes in Malaysia

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In recent years, stiff competition and technology advancement have driven many companies for continuous improvement in their processes, products and services. Hence, many strategic techniques and philosophies have been developed for business improvement. This study believed that despite various sophisticated instruments engaged by the multinational companies, implementation of EMS as one of the important tool has been proven for its effectiveness to improve business performance in many areas. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard has become a widespread administrative tool towards corporate environmental management. Based on the literature review there are many benefits that firms can gain by implementing ISO 14001. This study, however, is to investigate the status of the EMS programs implemented by the manufacturing firms in Malaysia. This study is exploratory in nature, and is intended to illuminate the status EMS programmes implemented by manufacturing firms in Malaysia. The findings of this survey helps to highlight the importance of disseminating information to the firms on the various EMS programmes, available. This survey is only based on a small sample (153 firms that adopt EMS) the results of which cannot be generalized as it was a non-probability sampling and the sampling frame did not represent the whole population of EMS firms in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the survey strongly indicates that a majority of firms have still not carried out full EMS programmes.

Key words: Environmental Management System programs, Malaysia

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