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Project: Aries Alliance - France


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The Aries Alliance group are experts in the field of metal shaping machines and aerospace part production. Serving the aerospace industry for over 80 years, Aries Alliance is global leaders in the construction and installation of sheet stretch forming, profile stretch forming, elastoforming, hot forming, superplastic forming machines as well as linear friction welding machines.

Aries Alliance are valued customer of Cambridge Sensotec, and the passage below is from the company themselves, demonstrating how we help:

The use of titanium alloys is increasing in aeroplane manufacturing, because of their high mechanical properties, relatively low weight, very good compatibility with composites, and high-temperature resistance. However, they have several drawbacks, the main one being that titanium alloys are nearly impossible to form in cold condition, and, secondly when hot, titanium alloys tend to react with ambient oxygen to form an oxidised surface layer that is highly detrimental for the fatigue life of the alloy.

Aries Alliance has been developing hydraulic presses for titanium forming in hot condition for more than 30 years, and especially diffusion bonding and superplastic presses that can create a complex hollow shape in one forming cycle like the part below.

These parts are critical because there is no access to the inside. In case of oxygen ingress in the part during the forming process, the inside will oxidise and, as there is no way to get rid of this, a part that can be several thousand worths has to be scrapped.

Project: Aries Alliance - France
Project: Aries Alliance - France

This is where the use of oxygen analysers takes its full interest: titanium forming presses use pressurised argon to form the parts, and this gas must be devoid of any pollution, especially oxygen and moisture. Analysing the gas used to form the part allows to detect any oxygen contamination and prevent part contamination. The biggest advantage of Sensotec oxygen analysers is that they can be used in-line, therefore continuously analysing the gas that goes inside the part, instead of sampling the gas at some steps of the cycle. Among other features that lead Aries Alliance to select Sensotec gas analysers are their quick response (to changes in the gas), their easy calibration and their high reliability.

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