Project Brief - CSOs Reduced by 77%, SSOs Reduced by 78% - City of Nashville, Tennessee


Courtesy of ADS Environmental Services

Permanent Flow Monitoring

Nashville, TN - The City of Nashville struggled with excessive overflows totaling 158 SSOs and 30 CSOs in 1989 and 1990. They found themselves with a consent decree and officials immediately started abatement programs to address both issues. A permanent flow monitoring network was installed by ADS® Environmental Services along with I/I analysis designed to isolate the problems.

Measurable Results

Initially reactive, responding to overflows after they happened, Nashville designed a strategy that allowed them to progress over eight years to a proactive management process. Over the last seven years they have been proactively managing their wastewater collection system by identifying areas with increased I/I and addressing it before it becomes an overflow issue.

Services Provided by ADS

• Permanent flow monitoring network installation and service; data analysis; temporary flow monitoring and I/I assessment; Profile® desktop data analysis software

Underground Intelligence® from ADS

ADS installed 100 flow monitors in 1990 following the EPA’s issuance of a consent decree to the City of Nashville. The flow data gathered from these monitors and analyzed by ADS Environmental Services is delivered through electronic reports on a monthly basis. This provides the City of Nashville with Underground Intelligence that allows them to proactively manage their collection system by identifying and addressing I/I problems before they turn into overflows. This same Underground Intelligence is used to target the 223 rehabilitation projects necessary to reduce overflows and address other consent decree mandates.

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