PROJECT BRIEF - Saved Over $1 Million in Unnecessary Expenses - Santa Barbara, California


Courtesy of ADS Environmental Services

Temporary Flow Monitoring

Santa Barbara, CA - The City of Santa Barbara (CSB) serves nearly 100,000 customers. During the seasonal rains, deteriorating and aging sewer pipes permit unwanted I/I to enter the system raising the risk of sanitary sewer overflows. Santa Barbara recognized that a more comprehensive understanding of their systems performance was necessary to more proactively manage and rehabilitate the City’s collection system.

Measurable Results

ADS Environmental Services conducted a flow analysis study and developed an I/I report for CSB that yielded significant strategic project insights to collection system managers. The information in ADS reports directed CSB to significant cost savings by identifying and targeting the mini-basins with I/I issues.

Services Provided by ADS

Temporary flow monitoring including: flow assessment study; temporary flow monitors; rain monitors; wet weather analysis; including prioritization ranking of 43 basins by Rain Dependent I/I ingress.

Underground Intelligence® from ADS

The City of Santa Barbara tasked ADS with implementing a flow assessment study. ADS deployed 45 flow meters to the monitoring stations located at the outfalls of the 43 mini-basins comprising the system. Eight rain gauges captured storm totals, integral to developing a full understanding of rain’s impact on performance. Data collected during the study period was analyzed by ADS hydraulic engineers and converted into insightful reports presenting CSB managers with an accurate picture of I/I’s impact across the service area and the Underground Intelligence necessary to target field work and significantly reduce associated costs. During the assessment period, Santa Barbara experienced one of the largest storms in a ten year period, a valuable data point for analyzing how each of the 43 basins responded to a major storm.

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