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Conrady Consultant Services has been a pioneer in water storage tank inspection for the last 30 years. Based out of Alabama, the family-owned and operated company began diving into tanks in 1982 until they transitioned to ROV inspections in 2004. Conrady Consultants purchased their first ROV from another manufacturer in 2004. They eventually had to purchase a second unit when the system’s extensive maintenance problems and inconsistent service became a serious issue. After five years of waiting for repairs - often experiencing turnaround times of several weeks if not months - Conrady Consultants turned in their two ROV units for a VideoRay ROV.

Since purchasing their VideoRay Pro 4, Conrady Consultants has had an entirely different ROV experience. They report experiencing very few problems, and have benefitted from VideoRay’s commitment to making our technology rugged, reliable, ultra-portable, and easy to use. The VideoRay can conduct consecutive inspections, usually requiring only routine maintenance that can be conducted in the field without shipping it back to the factory.

The system’s minimal mass, weight, and power requirements allow the entire system to be easily transported from site to site. Inspections are often run off a small generator or even a vehicle battery, while the submersible is carried up the tank ladder by hand, in a backpack, or lifted by a rope.

Because Conrady Consultant Services inspects tanks of all sizes, including inground, groundlevel, and elevated tanks, their ROV needs to be able to inspect both large areas in a single deployment and fit into confined space. The Pro 4 sub’s small size - with no diameter exceeding 30 cm (12 in) allows it to penetrate areas where human divers could not go safely, inspecting for leaks, sediment level, coating condition, and assessing the general condition of the tank.

Project - Conrady Consultant Services

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