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Project: Faecal Sludge Management - Malaysia

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Malaysia has been recognised to have adopted a good sanitation model through the use legislative reforms and implementation models. A firm set of guidelines along with clear knowledge on the role played by every stakeholder, especially that of developers whose responsibility it is to construct their own wastewater treatment,  enabled an increase in sanitation coverage throughout Malaysia through appropriately coordinated water, sewerage and septage management services.

2. Background

High rates of urbanization throughout Asia have put water and sanitation services under severe pressure in urban centres. Although it must be recognised that access to improved water supply has reached 92-95% for urban areas in South and South East Asia, this increase has consequently led to upgraded forms of sanitation facilities such as water flushed toilets, resulting in an increase in the volume of wastewater produced. Prior to 1993, it was the Malaysian local government’s responsibility to provide a sewerage service to the country’s population. These local authorities however lacked the knowledge and resources to provide effective sanitation infrastructure. The situation was thus of great distress with only 5% of households disposing of sewerage connections.

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