Project (in process) - thunderbird farms - Arizona arsenic & fluoride removal


Courtesy of Adedge Water Technologies, LLC


In 2008 AdEdge was selected by Atwell Hicks Engineers and Thunderbird Improvement district to provide a 500 gpm treatment system for this Arizona community serving 1,500 population to treat elevated levels of arsenic and fluoride. Non compliant levels are 13 ppb As and 3.20 mg/L F respectively. Raw water quality information is provided in the table below. Several options were considered for this site. Upon the cost analysis developed by AdEdge in conjunction with previous studies, an adsorption approach was selected for piloting. A successful pilot test program using AdEdge E33 (iron oxide) and AD74 alumina based adsorption technology was initiated in September, 2008 which is near completion. Results indicate
the processes are quite feasible in cost effectively achieving the primary and secondary treatment goals. Design will be initiated in late 2008 with construction commencing in early 2009 following ADEQ approvals.

Treatment System

AdEdge has proposed and successfully piloted an integrated system featuring GFO Granular Ferric Oxide and Activated Alumina adsorption media in series. Given the relatively high pH of 7.9, AdEdge will utilize its CO2 gas injection system to correct pH to 6.5 prior to entering the system for optimal performance. The first stage of the treatment train will remove arsenic independently while the AD74 will target the fluoride removal. Optional on-site regeneration for the AD74 process is being investigated and considered as an alternative to the discardable media option to reduce operating costs.

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