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MBA Tanks is a coating inspection and consulting company that provides ROV inspection and maintenance services for water storage tanks, fire protection tanks, raw water intakes, dams, and clear wells. Founded in 1986, the Delaware-based company acquired their first VideoRay in 2003.

MBA Tanks purchased their VideoRay ROV to augment their dive inspections. The ROV can conduct visual inspections with half the crew required for diver inspections. In most cases, the VideoRay inspection is sufficient enough to preclude the need for human divers at all. Unlike human divers, VideoRay ROVs can conduct inspections without taking a break or tagging out. The ROV enables easier access into tanks without the concerns about water levels and other dangers associated with dive inspections. The VideoRay is able to inspect both large areas in a single deployment and fit into confined spaces. Safety and confined space entry concerns are nearly eliminated when a VideoRay ROV is deployed instead of a human diver.

When major maintenance is required, the VideoRay functions as a preliminary survey, giving divers a general idea of the reservoir’s condition before they go inside. The ROV can spot areas of concern, gather essential data about water temperature, and perform analytical tests using accessories like an ultrasonic metal thickness gauge. human divers are deployed to perform major repairs or to get a closer look.

The Pro 4 sub’s small size was another major advantage. With a height less than 24 cm (9.5 in) and no diameter exceeding 30 cm (12 in), the submersible can easily penetrate areas where human divers could not go safely, inspecting for leaks, sediment level, coating condition, and assessing the general condition of the reservoir.

Project - MBA Tanks

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