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Project: Slum Sanitation Project

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Through investment by s and the support and creation of competent Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Small Local Business Enterprises (SLBEs), community toilet blocks were constructed and set up in Mumbai for slum dwellers under the  (SSP). Prior to its implementation; awareness and education campaigns were initiated throughout , willingness to pay (WTP) surveys were carried out, and meetings were held with community members. These activities highlighted the fact that the vast majority were in favour of the provision of sanitation facilities through these community blocks.  The demand response approach is seen to be a necessary element when identifying sustainability of projects.

  • Community toilet blocks constructed for slum dwellers under the Slum Sanitation Project (SSP) based on a demand-response approach.
  • Construction of the toilet blocks could only begin once 50% of the expected maintenance funds of the toilets were collected from residents.
  • Toilet facilities operated on two pay systems – a monthly pass for families and a one-off tariff for floating population.
  • Stakeholder involvement and participation enabled the success of this project.

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