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Project - Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services


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Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services used a VideoRay Pro4 ROV to complete more than 223 km (139 miles) of bathymetry and biotope survey transects in the Red Sea during the summer of 2011. Submerged Recovery worked with King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, contracted by Saudi ARAMCO to conduct an extensive survey in the Red Sea. This survey was critical in gaining a baseline assessment to see if there were any critical habitats areas in or near several of Saudi ARAMCO’s proposed oil well drill sites.

The tasking faced a number of constraints, including an extremely tight work schedule, a remote location, limited support facilities, accurate positioning for data collection and very specific data gathering. Additionally, all of the work had to be conducted off of a 25’ open vessel. Due to these stringent requirements, a VideoRay Pro4 ROV equipped with KCF Technologies Smart Tether positioning system, LYYN real-time video enhancement and a YSI 600XL Sonde Gauge were chosen to complete the survey.

The survey team, led by VideoRay consultant Craig Thorngren, completed the bathymetric survey in 18 days operating with no operational failures. They were able to mark and record more than 2,000 targets of corral, grass, rubble and other assorted bottom features, documented the bottom conditions for a total of 100 transects.

Because the team was able to mark targets (bottom conditions) at depths up to 100 meters deep using the VideoRay ROV, they did not have to use divers. The overall data allowed them to say that there were no critical habitats in the proposed well drilling areas.

Project - Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services

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