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Project Water-Heating Boiler House Ekopartneris - Case Study


Courtesy of Axis Technologies

  • 17,5 MW   
  • Lithuania, Kaunas
  • 2015 November 18

Main equipment

  • Fuel supply system - grounded warehouse with moving platforms
  • Fuel combustion system - Axis Industries grate furnace
  • Boiler - water heating
  • Additional heat generation equipment - flue gas condensing economizer
  • Flue gas cleaning system - multicyclone and two-stage electrostatic precipitator

Purpose of the facility – provision of heating to the district heating networks in Kaunas 8,000 hours per year, which accounts for nearly one tenth of the entire city.

LOW DUST LEVELS The underground biomass storage with separate grounded sections for different types of fuel. This is a closed warehouse with automated gates, which prevents penetration of biofuel dust.

CONVENIENT FUEL UNLOADING SYSTEM The warehouse is provided with an additional entrance ramp for fuel transporting vehicles.

RENEWED FURNACE CONFIGURATION Seeking to avoid external air and exhaust gas recirculation, the primary air ventilators are installed under the furnace, and the primary and secondary air channels of the furnace and the exhaust gas recirculation pipes are concealed under the finishing plate.

EFFICIENCY Modulation of the flue gas condensing economizer allows obtaining a maximum amount of heat and reduce electricity consumption.

ADDITIONAL GAS CLEANING Two stages of gas cleaning: multicyclone and ESP.

CONVENIENT UTILISATION Due to efficiency of multicyclones and ESP, and of the additional condenser cleaning equipment of the flue gas condensing economizer, utilisation of the accumulated sludge is of no concern: by maintaining the required pH level, excess condensate is removed as wastewater.

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