Projects: Endeavor I – Iowa


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Location: Osceola and Dickinson Counties,
approximately 230 miles northwest of Des Moines, IA.
Project Owner: FPL Energy
Project Size: 100 MW
Turbine Size: 2.5 MW
Number of Turbines: 40
Construction Start Date: August 2006
Estimated Online Date: Fourth Quarter 2007
Average American homes served: about 33,000

The Endeavor Wind Power Project is a 100 MW wind energy generation facility developed by Clipper Windpower to help Iowa meet its growing demand for clean, sustainable electricity. In October, 2006, Clipper announced the sale of the project to FPL Energy. The project is located in northwestern Iowa, 15 miles from the Iowa Great Lakes recreation area. Sited on just over 7 square miles of gently rolling farmland, the property utilized for the project is owned by approximately 30 local landowners, and held through long-term easement agreements. The project is located in an area of Iowa already recognized as a leader in agricultural advancements and exportation of energy through the latest advances in wind generation and the production of Ethanol fuels. Once completed, Endeavor is expected to provide enough wind-generated electricity for about 33,000 average American homes.

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