Projects: Flying Cloud – Iowa


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Project Owner: Iberdrola Renewables
Location: Dickinson County, Northwestern Iowa
Project Size: 43.5 MW
Turbine Size: 1.5 MW
Number of Turbines: 29
Construction Start Date: June 2003
Online Date: December 2003
Average American homes served: approximately 20,000

The Flying Cloud project is a 43.5 MW wind energy generation facility located 10 miles west of Spirit Lake in Northwestern Iowa. Named after a tea-transporting, wind-powered clipper ship built in 1853 and sited in the state's heartland, the project helps Iowa meet its demand for clean energy. With a turbine footprint of less than 2% of the 2600 acre land area, most of the local farm land continues to be used for agricultural purposes. Interstate Power & Light, a subsidiary of Alliant Energy Corp., currently buys the output of the project pursuant to an agreement executed in October of 2002.

Local residents and visitors treasure the local Iowa Great Lakes, along with an abundance of other interesting and educational attractions.

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