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Prominant developer chooses cetco gas vapor barrier for chromium protection case study


Project: Droyers Point
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Products: Liquid Boot® Gas Vapor Mitigation System

Background: During the summer of 2004, construction commenced on a multi-family housing plan, developed by K. Hovnanian Homes. This 23-acre Brownfield redevelopment project included 30 new three-story townhouse buildings situated along the Jersey City shoreline in New Jersey.

Challenge: The site, heavily contaminated with hexavalent chromium, lay vacant for nearly 20 years. Even after excavation and off-site disposal of over 21 tons of contaminated soil, chromium was still detected in the soil below groundwater level.

Solution: As a precautionary measure against residual soil vapors, K. Hovnanian Homes and environmental consultant, ENVIRON, designed a comprehensive vapor mitigation System (VMS) to be installed beneath the footprint of the buildings. The VMS included Liquid Boot®, a highly chemically resistant spray-applied VOC and methane barrier, in addition to an 'active' venting system. By utilizing the advantage of the Liquid Boot® systems' spray-application, a seamless, impermeable membrane system was installed, effectively sealing critical vapor intrusion pathways and protecting overall indoor air quality.

Since the project began, CETCO certified installer, Edgeboro International, installed over 150,000 square feet of the Liquid Boot® Gas Vapor Mitigation System. Cold weather conditions were a challenge, however, tents and heaters were installed to ensure the project remained on schedule. Once the Liquid Boot® Gas Vapor Mitigation System was installed, the membranes' integrity was tested via the CETCO-pioneered Smoke Test™ to assure a quality and air-tight installation.

Result: Installation of the Liquid Boot5 gas vapor mitigation system was extremely successful and was able to be installed much quicker than any of the competing products due to it's benefit of a spray-application and rapid curing time.

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