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Prominant developer chooses CETCO gas vapor barrier for methane protection case study


Project: Sienna Place Homes
Location: Philadelphia. PA
Products: Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Mitigation System

Background: A prominant residential developer had selected an idle Brownfield for the site of a large multi-family residential development.

Challenge: To mitigate potential methane vapor intrusion concerns, Pennoni Associates and the general contractor selected the Liquid Boot'* gas vapor barrier system as a part of their overall remedial design and to protect 190,000 square feet of indoor space.

Solution: Originally specified as with a 40-mil HDPE geomembrane, InterGeo Solutions was able to provide a more viable alternative with CETCO's Liquid Boot system, installing the membrane quicker and for less money than a traditional geomembrane. InterGeo Solutions installed the Liquid Boot system, which included BaseFabric T-60 base layer fabric, the Liquid Boot spray-applied barrier, and UltraShield G-1000 protection course material, all to the underslab of each pad on the housing project. After installation, InterGeo Solutions performed rigorous Q/VQC procedures, including mil thickness testing and the CETCO-pioneered Smoke Test, ensuring the membrane was entirely vapor tight. Using a CETCO-trained and certified Liquid Boot applicator, CETCO was able to provide a complete site solution, solving any potential gas vapor intrusion issues.

Result: Installation of the Liquid Boot^ gas vapor mitigation system was extremely successful and was able to be installed much quicker than any of the competing products due to it's benefit of a spray-application and rapid curing time.

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