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Proposal for an update of the Plan for substances evaluation (CORAP)


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CoRAP: Community Rolling Action Plan

The evaluation process is the responsibility of the Competent Authorities of the Member States. The evaluation process, according to REACH regulation, allows clarifying the risks of substances and, if the evaluation reveals the need to have more information, further information can be requested to the registrants or to the users of those substances.

The REACH regulation requires ECHA to submit an annual update of the substances under evaluation by the Member States (CoRAP plan).

The Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP), which is updated every year, examines those substances that are considered as hazardous to human health or to the environment.

The update for 2014-2016 has been prepared in close cooperation with the Member States, taking into account the risk-based criteria for the selection of substances. The member states have also proposed the substances according to national priorities. In the next few years, 22 Member States will take part in the evaluation process of substances.

CoRAP: an evaluation process carried out by the competent authorities

According to ECHA, there will be a final update of the CoRAP list for 2014-2016 on the basis of the opinion of the committee. The CoRAP process does not include a public consultation. However, ECHA informs the interested parties on the progresses made, by publishing the substances list, and it encourages the registrants of substances to coordinate their actions and to interact with the evaluating Member States.

The registrants of the substances listed in the final CoRAP list will have the opportunity to send their comments before that the final decision of requesting new information is taken.

For more information, see the ECHA website at the following links:

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