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Prospects for using jet devices to solve environmental problems

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The development of ejector technology is analysed as it applies to the solving of environmental problems. The success achieved in this field is connected with its special features the full absence of rotating and movable parts, lubricants and any seals, and, consequently, the high reliability and low capital costs. This article concerns the direction of using jet devices for utilisation of steam obtained from renewable energy sources (solar and geothermal) and of waste steam following various industrial processes, e.g. hot water and heat supply, water lifting and desalination. Jet devices are used in these cases as the pumps, heat exchangers and condensers. It is expedient to use jet devices in chemical technology (for example, for water purification), for the compression and transportation of gases and in low toxic vehicles. This article contains descriptions of these industrial applications, their schematic diagrams and the results of investigations and tests of jet devices in both laboratory and field conditions.

Keywords: environmental protection, ejector technology and devices, waste heat, solar and geothermal plants, steam-water mixture, condensing injector, pumping, water lifting, heat supply, desalination, water purification, energy saving, hydro-compressor, steam and gas ejector unit, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, low-toxic vehicles

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