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Prospects of nuclear desalination and highlights of related IAEA activities

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Currently, several IAEA Member States have shown interest in using nuclear energy for seawater desalination, not only because recent studies have demonstrated that nuclear desalination is feasible, but also because it is economical and has already been demonstrated in several countries. Therefore, this paper will provide a highlight on seawater desalination using nuclear energy as a potential for a sustainable development around the world, and an overview of the IAEA activities related to nuclear desalination. Special emphasis is placed on past, present and future nuclear desalination experience in various IAEA Member States. The IAEA activities on nuclear desalinations aim at facilitating cutting-edge developments in the area of seawater desalination using nuclear energy, and establishing a framework for facilitating activities in Member States through information exchange and provision of technical assistance.

Keywords: nuclear desalination, outlook, trends, desalination technologies, IAEA activities, International Atomic Energy Agency, nuclear energy, nuclear power, seawater desalination, sustainable development, sustainability, information exchange, technical assistance

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