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Protect Waterworks From Flooding with Wastop Access Case Study


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Problem: Rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions are becoming increasingly common. Wherever we live on the earth, climate change affects us all. One issue that has therefore become increasingly relevant and important in recent years is to protect people and communities from flooding in waste water and surface water systems – which can have disastrous consequences. 

One municipality that is taking a very serious view of its work on water and sewage is Kristianstad. C4 Teknik, which is responsible for the municipal water and sewage supplies, is in the processes of future-proofing water pipelines and reservoirs throughout the whole municipality. The reason is that the municipality wants to protect against bad odour and flooding, and to prevent flies, larvae and other pests from entering the waterworks. The ultimate aim is to supply world-class drinking water. 

Solution: By installing WaStop Access DN200, Kristianstad Municipality is protecting the waterworks against bad odour, flooding and pests as WaStop is always closed from the outside. Kristianstad Municipality chose the Access option in order to simplify maintenance work. The advantage of WaStop Access is that it can easily be taken up from ground level, making inspection and maintenance work easy.

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