Protect your Cooling Cycle


Courtesy of LAR Process Analysers AG

TOC analyser QuickTOCultra meets the requirements for any cooling water challenge

Thermal energy transfer is one of the most important processes within industry. Therefore, monitoring the cooling system is essential for efficient production. For this purpose, several parameters were defined and regulated such the total organic carbon (TOC).

LAR's QuickTOCultra is the appropriate TOC analyser for any cooling water challenge. Its robotic, horizontally, and vertically moving injection needle takes an exact sample dose and injects it into the oven. Thus, organic particles are also considered within measurement. A huge advantage when fresh water from surface water is used. In the oven, the sample is combusted at 1200°C. Due to the high temperature, the organic content is completely oxidised to CO2. Hence, operators do not need expensive oxidation promoting catalysts. The entire TOC measurement cycle takes place in less than 3 minutes. LAR's TOC analyser allows to measure up to six sample streams in one unit. Thus, the inlet and outlet of the cooling cycle can be monitored in one single analyser. Differences in TOC that arise for example due to leakage or product spills are detected quickly. Thus, operators can take countermeasures to protect the cooling cycle as well as the environment.

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