Protective coatings for industrial fans


Courtesy of Castolin Eutectic

Industrial fans

Large fans are commonly used to provide significant quantities of air needed for operating industrial processes. Coal and lignite fired power plants, cement, metal or woodchip manufacturing are just a few examples of industries that require homogeneous and reliable airflows. When particles are present in the air stream, they relentlessly wearout the fan surfaces. This wear is present both when they are very fine, for example when conveying fumes, as well as when large particulate matter such as wood chips are transported. Impeller blades are the worst attacked components and, once they are worn-out, the resulting geometrical alteration can lead to dramatic drops in efficiency. Furthermore, balancing problems may appear which will affect ancillary equipment service life. As a result, operational conditions are changed; energy and maintenance costs increase and unplanned plant downtimes may be needed.

Wear experience

After more than 20 years of experience gained in repairing and replacing fan parts, we have built a thorough knowledge of erosive wear phenomena that occur rapidly on rotating machines. This know-how allowed us to develop dedicated solutions for fans such as our Xuper- Wave welding pattern.

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