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US company 3E Co., based in the state of California, is seeking to. strengthen its position as the leading global provider of environ'ment, health and safety, 01' EH&S, information and complianceservices through M&A activity. '1'0 this end, it bought out last yeartwo local companies involved in the material safety data sheets, orMSDS, business. Robert Christie, president of 3E, commented on thecompany's business operations in a press interview.

What differentiates BE from itscompetitors in the US marketplaceas well as globally?

RC: It's the depth and breadthof. what we offer. If you were to goto one of our existing customerstoday, they would tell you that toreplace us as a provider of service,they would probably have to signcontracts with five 01' six differentcompanies. What differentiates usfrom most companies is our 'onestop' shopping. Around the worldwe see companies that offer one 01'two of our services, but only for one01' two countries. For examplo, thereare always local MSDS-authoringcompanies in each country, but almostno other company can authorhigh-quality MSDSs for the over50 countries that we covel'_ Othercompanies may have good local regtllatoryinformation but do not havethe people, resources 01' processes toprovide high-quality, global regulatoryinformation and data_ Thesereflect the investments that 3E hasmade, and will continue to make,to provide the broadest and mostcomprehensive range of services tocompanies around the globe.

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