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Proximate composition and pasting properties of durian (Durio zibethinus) seed flour

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This study was carried out to determine the proximate composition and the pasting properties of durian seed flour. Two types of durian seed flour were studied i.e., whole durian seed flour (WDS) and dehulled durian seed floor (DDS). The results revealed that WDS contained 6.5% water, 6.0% protein, 3.1% ash, 0.4% fat, 10.1% crude fibre and 73.9% carbohydrate. As for DDS, it contained 6.6% moisture, 7.6% protein, 3.8% ash, 0.4% fat, 4.8% crude fibre and 76.8% carbohydrate. The total dietary fibre content was 52.9% and 7.7% for WDS and DDS, respectively. It was found that the viscosity of cold paste and hot paste of WDS and DDS increased as their particle size decreased and as the paste concentration increased. In conclusion, durian seed flour has great potential in food industry due to its high dietary fibre content and suitability to be used as dough as well as thickening agent.

Keywords: durian seed flour, proximate composition, pasting properties, Durio zibethinus, viscosity, paste concentration, food industry, high dietary fibre content, dough, thickening agents

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